Funded in 1995, by 3 stylists, Ana Vaz, Céu Tregeira e Isabel Casimiro, with the commercial name of Multicria - Comércio de Têxteis, Lda..

The company started its activity with the womans clothing design and comercialization, in the ready-to-wear segment, with the brand "essencial".

In 1998 the first season collection was launched, being this the starting point for a new journey and a different relation with the market. However the brand coeherence, already known in the market, was maintained.

The immediate success of the brand consolidated the company's presence in the national market, giving it a special recognition amongst clients, suppliers and competitors.

The good results and the experience obtained during eight years, allowed the company to go further and expand iInternationally in 2003.

Today Multicria - Comércio de Têxteis, Lda., through the brand "essencial", is represented in the whole country, Continental and Islands.


We believe in coordenated collections in which the client finds the sets already organized facilitating the choice and later the selling. Our aim is to give a response to those clients who do not have to much time to spend thinking about their wardrobes but still want and need to look fantastic in any occasion.

The products sold with the brand "essencial" are created to obtain the perfect balance between the different human aspects, cultural and material, which express themselves through fashion: the attitude, the values, the imagination, the trends, the tradition, the quality of the materials and the atention to detail.